Welcome to Uncle's!

Uncle's Transmission was founded in 1996 in Smithfield, Rhode Island. After moving to two other locations we finally settled down in Smithfield again in 2002 where we have been servicing customers ever since.

How We Got Our Name

My sister Susan and I purchased two homes right next to each other. Her home had a garage and mine didn't, so she would let me use her garage to freelance transmission work. Often times while working I would be visited by my nephew and niece, Michael and Nicole. When my sister asked where they were they would respond, "Uncle's". When it came time to name my business the answer was obvious; Uncle's Transmission Service.

Why You Should Choose Uncle's

Priority Service for Business Vehicles
Get your crew back on the road faster with priority service for business vehicles.
We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Our partners deepen our knowledge base and allow us to keep up with dealerships while offering our services at a more competitive rate. We use multiple technical support services so we always have the most up to date information available on your car, truck, or service vehicle.
The Right Tools for the Job
We have the latest Snap-on scanners, as well as multiple lifts and a wide variety of tools.
We Honor After Market Warranties
We will communicate with your warranty company and get any warranty work you need done quicker and cheaper than the dealership.